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How to Create a New Business Listing


1.  Business Listings are FREE! 

2. You must be registered with ValleyLists to create a business listing. Click here to register.

3. Once your are registered, log in to ValleyLists by clicking on the "Manage Your Postings and Listings" link in the left column and then entering your username and password.  Logging in will take you to your Manage Your Listings, Postings, and Profile page.  You can also just click here to log in.

4.  Once you are logged in to your Manage Your Listings, Postings, and Profile page, click on the link for "Create a New Listing which will return you to this page.  Go onto the Step 5.

5. Select and go to the specific category for your Listing.  See "Selecting a Category" below.

6. Once you are at your selected category, click on the link that says: “Click here to create a new Posting/Listing under this Category.”

7. Fill in the form. A detailed explanation of how to fill out the form is here.

8. When you have completed the form and are at the “Approve your Listing” page, clicking “Next” approves your Listing.  You will then be sent an email with a link to click on in order to validate your listing.  Your listing will show up on ValleyLists once you have clicked on that validate link in the email.

Selecting a Category

You have two choices for finding and selecting your category:

A. You can browse through the list of all ValleyLists' Business categories to find and get to the one that is best for you. Once you are in the category you want, click on the links that says: "Click here to create a new Posting/Listing under this Category.". Click here to start browsing.


B. You can use Valleylists' Category Keywords Page to get a list of one or more possible categories from which you can choose. Then click on the category you want. Be sure that the category you've selected is a business category. Click here to go to the Category Keywords Page.

If you can’t find a category that works for you or you want more information or additional help, contact Will Flanders at (413) 625-2525 or

Remember that ValleyLists is still in development and new categories can be added if we don’t have one that works for you.




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