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What is the Pre-Launch/Beta Testing Phase?


Welcome to ValleyLists - which is now in its initial stage - what I'm calling the “Pre-Launch/Beta Testing Phase.” I have two goals for this phase:

FIRST GOAL: Build a Critical Mass of Participants

My first goal is to attract a critical mass of participants who can envision what ValleyLists can be, imagine how it will serve them, and who are willing to jump in and help me get it off the ground - simply by participating.

ValleyLists is in a classic start-up “chicken and egg” dilemma. Many visitors to the site want to see content before they will bother to look at it more carefully and people considering adding content want to know that there is or will be a flow of visitors who will be seeing what they put on the site.

SECOND GOAL: Get ValleyLists working very well

My second goal is to “beta test” the site. I and others have tested the site a lot. Now I’d like your help. Please check it out - try everything. Then, please let me know about any bugs, glitches, typos, grammatical errors, places where the instructions are not clear, etc., etc. I very much want your constructive feedback, now and in the future, to help me make ValleyLists a site which is easy, clear, and as “user friendly” as possible. Please feel free to contact me, Will Flanders, at (413) 625-2525 or

The Pre-Launch/Beta Testing Phase will end when 500 businesses, organizations, groups, and/or Individuals have live Listings, a significant number of people are using the Calendar and I am satisfied that the site is working extremely well.

I am also very much interested in your ideas about how you might use to help you make the connections you want to make. I keep imagining new ways to use the software I’ve designed and I am interested in your ideas as well.

I encourage you to participate and help me take ValleyLists to the next level. I’ll appreciate any ideas you may contribute!

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Will Flanders, Founder

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